Fuse Sessions Sports Branding Workshop

Recently, I participated in the Fuse Sessions Sport Branding Workshop with Joe Bosack. During the workshop Joe guided us through a quick history of sport branding, his professional experience and gave us some great information on how to concept and design sport identities.

For the workshop, I chose to create a new an identity for a new MLS Expansion team in Nashville. The final mark was inspired by Nashville's music scene, printing/letterpress studios and the Gateway bridge. The color scheme was pulled from the neon signs that line Broadway.

Final Identity
Intial Sketches

Bracket for Good's Most Valuable Philanthropist!

Over the last few months Lodge and I have had the opportunity to create a mascot from scratch! Brackets for Good came to us with the mission to create their perfect MVP. Champ. A mascot that embodies charitable giving, and who's sole mission is to encourage philanthropy all across the USA. With the help of Avant Garb in Indianapolis, we we're able to bring him to life with a complete physical costume!



Oh Hello.

I just wanted to welcome you to my new blog. Here you'll find random work that I have no better place to put. Unused work from various clients, as well as various personal projects.